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Binky Listens To is a series of remix videos made from the PBS Kids animated series Arthur. In the scene, Arthur character Binky Barnes stumbles upon Arthur and his friends listening to strange music in headphones. They give Binky the headphones to listen, and the music triggers an intense reaction within Binky. In remixed versions of the video, the song that plays when Binky puts on the headphones changes.



The scene originates from the season 17 episode of Arthur, "Binky's Music Madness", which first aired in Australia on May 2, 2013, and the scene was first uploaded to YouTube on May 8, 2014. In the scene, the music that plays is by a group called Bang on a Can All Stars. It is the same scene that sparked the meme Arthur's Headphones.


On May 14, 2014, YouTuber skeletalhero posted a video titled "pleb experiences true patrician music" where the original song was replaced with Death Grips' "Get Got."

YouTuber F L A C / F O R E S T posted a similar video on September 20, 2015, this time using the song リサフランク420 / 現代のコンピュー / 現代のコンピュー.

Video remixes began appearing more frequently in the summer of 2016, coinciding with the rise of Arthur memes like Arthur's Fist and Arthur and D.W. Slash Pairing on Black Twitter. Popular remixes include tracks like You Reposted in the Wrong Neighborhood and "With Them" by Young Thug. Some remixers have remixed the entire original Arthur episode to show Binky getting into different genres like shoegaze