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Fuck Me, Right? is an image macro series featuring a screen capture of Jonah Hill sarcastically laughing in the 2007 comedy film Superbad. The top caption usually contains a confession about an unpopular opinion or noobish behavior, accompanied by the bottom caption “Fuck me, right?” The expression is meant to convey self-pity and resignation to the way the speaker is perceived by the majority.



The sarcastic expression was popularized through a scene from the 2007 comedy film Superbad, in which one of the main characters Seth (played by Jonah Hill) attempts to find a bathroom to wash menstrual fluid from his pants, saying “Fuck me, right?” in response to a girl standing in line. The movie was released on August 17th, 2007.

  • Seth: "I gotta wash this Merlot off, is this the line?"
  • Girl in line: "What does it look like?"
  • Seth: "Fuck me, right?"


On March 9th, 2012, Redditor dwydwyy submitted an image macro to the /r/AdviceAnimals subreddit, featuring a screen capture of Jonah Hill in the Superbad scene accompanied by the caption “Tries to make frontpage without a Kony meme / Fuck me, right?” in reference to conversations about the Kony 2012 video. Prior to being archived, the post received over 11,800 up votes and 120 comments.

Kony Meme Fuck Me

On August 12th, 2012, a Facebook page for “Fuck me, right?” was created and on the following day, FunnyJunkuser lostfaux submitted an image macro with the caption “I like to watch english dubbed anime / Fuck me, right?” in referring to the widespread preference of English-subtitled animes over dubbed versions. Within two months, the post received over 49,000 views and 460 comments.

English Dubbed Anime

On August 29th, 9gag user n_nobody submitted a post titled “P*rn Logic" featuring a screen capture of adult film star Sasha Grey with the caption “My car broke down / Fuck me, right?”, which is meant to be interpreted in a literal sense. Within one month, the post received over 42,000 up votes and 11,000 Facebook shares.

Car Broke Down

Notable examples[]

As of October 12th, 2012, the same template is being used on several Quickmeme pages, including “fuck me right” with over 1,400 submissions, “Fuck me right” with over 790 submissions and “Fuck Me Right” with over 490 submissions. Additional examples of the meme can be found on the microblogging site Tumblr under the tag “#fuck me right.”