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People Who Thank the Bus Driver is an internet meme.


People Who Thank the Bus Driver refers to a character depicted as the best of humanity in various meme templates.



On June 16th, 2018, Redditor zenerations posted a joke to /r/dankmemes featuring two coffins labeled "successful people" and "unsuccessful people" and a lavish Egyptian tomb labeled "People who say thanks to the bus driver when they get off." The post gained over 42,000 points.



In the course of the next few hours, the post was reposted to /r/MemeEconomy where it gained over 12,000 points and to /r/WholesomeMemes, where it gained over 73 points. Other jokes with the character began appearing on /r/dankmemes. Some popular examples include a post by Dtyrell88 that gained over 11,000 points and a post by PutinPie that gained over 11,000 points.

The meme continued trending on /r/dankmemes the following day. Another popular post by Dtyrell88 gained over 4,000 points. Another by retarded_bandicoot gained over 1,200 points. A thread about the surge of the jokes gained over 3,600 points on /r/OutOfTheLoop.