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Replacement Remixes, sometimes known as Word Replacement Remixes, are a series of YouTube Poop-style videos wherein words repeated within a video are replaced with other words, sounds or audio effects. While the practice has been around since the 2005, the videos saw a resurgence in popularity in 2016 with remixes of The Nutshack Theme, The Bee Movie, "We Are Number One", "Let it Grow", "Steamed Hams" and "All Star".



On May 27th, 2007, YouTuber Groudon0199 uploaded a video titled "Hotel Mario (Common nouns in intro replaced with big explosions)". Within the 10 years, the video gained over 27,000 views and 70 comments.


On June 23rd, 2007, Stegblob uploaded the video "Hotel Mario (Nouns Replaced With "PINGAS")" that has since become the most popular Hotel Mario word replacement remix, with more than 247,000 views in about 9 years. On November 30th, 2008, YouTuber MrSimon uploaded the earliest known word replacement video titled "Hotel Mario (Nouns replaced with explosions)".

The remixes saw a resurgence in 2016 with edits of the opening of The Nutshack, the first of which was uploaded by YouTuber Ringabel on July 30th, titled "Hotel Mario every noun replaced with the entire nutshack theme".

On September 7th, Baconlovar uploaded the video "the nutshack theme but every nutshack is replaced with the entire reading of the bee movie script", which was the first word replacement video to reach over 1 million views. More recently, on November 17th, Avoid at All Costs uploaded "The entire bee movie but every time they say bee it gets faster", the first word replacement video to reach over 10 million views.

That month, similar remixes featuring the music video for the LazyTown song "We Are Number One" began trending on YouTube.

On SoundCloud[]

On September 17th, SoundCloud user Hidlive the memer uploaded a remix titled "75 Percent Of Megalovania But Everything Is The Nutshack But With Random Drum Loops That I Think Fit". On September 29th, user 2wicky uploaded a remix of Kanye West's 2008 pop song "Heartless" edited with sounds from the video game Earthbound.

On November 19th, SoundCloud user MaDaMax uploaded a remix titled "housewife radio 2k16 but with bop it sounds," using samples taken from a remix of a commercial for the children's toy Bop It (shown below, left). On December 4th, SoundCloud user Moonsided uploaded a "Megalovania" remix with the song "Bonetrousle" from Undertale.

On December 12th, SoundCloud user Keno9988iv uploaded a "We Are Number One" remix with every instrument slightly offkey. The same day, SoundCloud user The Death of Comedy posted another "We Are Number One" remix titled "We Are Number One But SoundCloud Ruins it Within a Month".

On December 26th, SoundCloud user Vagidictoris uploaded a remix of "All Star" by Smash Mouth with all notes in the song in C. Within three weeks, the upload got 112,000 plays and 1,100 likes.