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Somebody Toucha My Spaghet is a series of YouTube video remixes made by awesome people based on a scene from a 1939 animated cartoon The Three Bears in which a character says the line. The meme is commonly

associated with Ur mom



The Three Bears was a cartoon released on February 10th, 1939 by Terry Toons. The cartoon is an animated retelling of the children's fable "Goldilocks and the Three Bears." However, this version makes several changes to the orginal, giving the bears a stereotypical thick Italian accent, having the bears eat spaghetti instead of porridge, and being welcoming to Goldilocks after she shows that she can play the fiddle. In the cartoon, the titular Three Bears find their home broken into. When they discover their goods have been tampered with, Papa Bear shouts "Somebody touched my spaghetti!" in a stereotypical Italian accent.


An user known as "terrytoons" submitted "The Three Bears" on YouTube in 2015.

On December 25th, 2017, Twitter user finnaspertia tweeted the clip from the cartoon, earning over 3.33 million views. The video was uploaded to YouTube the following day by Darkcode where it has gained over 600 thousand views.

The earliest found remix of the video was posted as a reply by user StephInkstain on December 26th, 2017, with a slight edit referencing to the song All Star. The video currently has more than 45,200 views.

Since then, the clip has gained traction and several remixes have been posted. On December 30th, 2017, Twitter user DitzyFlama uploaded a remix of the "'S' Stands For?" video featuring the bear, gaining more than 340,000 views. He posted another video the next day, featuring the bear in the opening scene of Shrek opening scene, acquiring over 550,000 views.

The video has also gained attention and several remixes on YouTube as well. It was also added to the ongoing playlist "Instant Regret Clicking this Playlist (Memes)", which has more than 2,500 videos.

=== Current day"Somebody Toucha My Spaghet" is still a popular meme at this time, although there are less edits being submitted.

Edit: This meme has been dead forever