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The Nutshack is a Filipino-American animated sitcom which aired on Myx TV in the United States and Myx in the Philippines. Being the first animated series geared towards a Filipino American audience, it received negative reception and is known for its poor quality, juvenile humor, and repetitive theme song. The show gained a minor recognition after the end of GiIvasunner ARG, along with an ironic fandom after the ARG.



The Nutshack was created by Ramon Lopez and co-created Jesse Hernandez. It was the first animated TV series aimed at a Flilipino-American audience A first aired on MyxTV in 2007. In 2011, a second aired on the same TV channel. The original airing of the show ended on May 31, 2011.

In 2012, a TV series known as Wild Grinders started airing on NickToons. It received negative news as well, but also was critized by viewers for having an animation style similar to that of The Nutshack.

In July 11, 2016, user Silvagunner decided to do a SilverDirect stream. During the stream, Silvagunner posted a video of the opening of The Nutshack. After that, the opening became a forced meme on the internet. In YouTube many users made edited versions of the opening of The Nutshack. MyxTV noticed this and made YouTube releases of the first season's episodes in October 2016. In 2017 episodes from the second season were submitted to YouTube and the opening of Wild Grinders became a meme as well, accompaining the opening of The Nutshack.

The Nutshack edits were preceded by Noun Replacement, a relatively short-lived YouTube Poop meme that involved replacing all nouns in a clip with a certain word, such as "toasters" or "dinner".

On July 30th, 2016, YouTuber Ringabel submitted a video titled "Hotel Mario every noun replaced with the entire nutshack theme". Over the next two months, the video received upwards of 41,000 views and 300 comments.


On August 11th, Speedbump from Chinatown posted "The Nutshack Theme But Instead of Saying Nutshack it's the Entire Sans is Ness video," referencing a Game Theory episode. It garnered over 40,000 views and 2,000 likes in about a month.

On August 14th, 2016, YouTuber Glitchy Pikachu uploaded a video titled "The Nutshack Theme but Every Noun is Replaced with the Nutshack Theme", gathering more than 25,000 views and 750 likes ove rthe next month. On August 18th, YouTuber Chopping Boss uploaded a remix titled "The Nutshack The But it Keeps Getting Faster". Within three weeks, the video garnered over 28,000 views and 650 likes.